Data-Driven Decision Making in the Federal Government: How to Move toward Augmented Intelligence

A number of federal government initiatives in recent years have pushed federal agencies toward data-driven...

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Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

Every day, leaders find themselves in decision-making scenarios without the information needed to make an informed...

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Earth Month 2022: Supporting Mission Critical Work To Protect Our Planet

Our planet is an amazing place. 

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Providing Healing and Promoting Hope – Women’s History Month

At RIVA, we are fortunate to be surrounded by strong women at every level of the organization. This year’s Women’s...

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Black History Month: Employee Spotlight

Every February we honor the contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans who have helped shape our nation. To honor...

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Becoming a Citizen Developer: Using Appian to Create a Functional Product in One Week

Digital transformation and modernization efforts sweeping across Federal agencies have fundamentally changed the...

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Driving the Success of the Connected Health Revolution

Connected health is a socio-technical model for healthcare management and delivery that uses technology to provide...

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Veterans Day: Employee Spotlight

Today we honor the brave people who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We are proud to share the stories of...

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Employee Spotlight: Samantha Wahl and the Importance of Mental Health Awareness

My name is Samantha Wahl, and I am currently a Portfolio Support Analyst on the Delivery team here at RIVA HQ. I began...

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