Alpaca Ambassador Spotlight

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Alpaca Ambassador Cohort!

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As the government transitions to Agile and DevSecOps hiring automated testers or training your manual testers to...

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Women of RIVA Spotlight

Throughout history women have prevailed to create positive change during times of hardship. This year, we asked four...

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Lessons Learned: Building a Customized Server-less AWS Grafana Dashboard

My name is Adam Norris, I’m a Senior Solutions Architect at RIVA.  We recently kicked off a new project with the...

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How RIVA brings CX to Life

Success in the GovCon industry is all about providing high quality, innovative services in order to help build...

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Women's History Month: Women in STEM

March is Women’s History Month! This month (and every month) is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and...

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Black History Month Spotlight: Byte Back’s efforts to Combat the Digital Divide

Black History Month, or African American history month, began as a weeklong celebration in 1926. This month is a...

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Creating a Safer Internet: Five Best Practices For Remote Work

Cybersecurity is an increasingly persistent threat, driven by global connectivity and use of cloud services to store...

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